B.Voc Admission Form


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2022-05-13 4.2.1 - Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)
2022-05-11 4.1.2 - The Institution has adequate facilities for cultural activities, sports, games (indoor, outdoor), gymnasium, yoga center etc.
2022-05-11 3.4.1 - The Institution has several collaborations/linkages for Faculty exchange, Student exchange, Internship, Field trip, On-the- job training, research etc. during the year
2022-05-10 3.3.1 - Extension activities are carried out in the neighborhood community, sensitizing students to social issues
2022-05-09 2.3.3 - Ratio of mentor to students for academic and other related issues (Data for the latest completed academic year )
2022-05-09 - Annual Report 2020-2021
2022-05-08 2.6.2 - Attainment of Programme outcomes and course outcomes are evaluated by the institution
2022-05-08 - FINAL Total number of final year students who appeared for the university examination during the year
2022-05-08 2.5.2 - Mechanism to deal with internal examination related grievances is transparent, time- bound and efficient
2022-05-08 2.3.1 Student Centric Methods for Teaching Learning
2022-05-06 Mechanism for Internal Assessment Examination
2022-05-06 Feedback Report & URL Link for Feedback Questionnaire
2022-04-30 Number of Students Admitted During the Year 2020-2021
2022-04-27 1.1.2. Continuous Internal Evaluation
2022-04-26 1.1.1. The Institution Adheres Effective Curriculum Delivery Through Well Planned System.
2022-04-13 2.2.1 Assessing the Learning Levels of Advanced & Slow Learners
2022-03-23 Seats Earmarked for Reserved Category of Students 2020-2021
2022-03-22 Sanctioned Post Position

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