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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
- Malcolm X
Sheelam Param Bhushanam: Character is the highest virtue.
These simple words summarize the necessity of a proper education, which not only makes a person literate but also shapes their character. Education is, thereby, not simply a trend of going to an institute and gaining a degree; it is an investment of the future marked by improving oneself in the present.
Khagarijan College, Nagaon which proclaims a legacy of forty-nine years follows this ideal of Education where it is not just a matter of routine but a matter of thorough understanding. Ever since its inception in 1972, the College has distinguished itself by providing a key service in the academic, cultural and intellectual fields; dispensing various opportunities to the students of the deprived section. The College aspires to provide a value-based education and training to its stakeholders, so as to fulfil the aspirations and expectations of the learners; empowering them to achieve their desired goals.
It needs to be mentioned here, that the College has been accredited with ‘B’ Grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in the year 2017 and efforts are being continuously made, to upgrade this institution. The horizon of professional activities is expanding, and various changes have made a mark in the scenario of Education in the country. Hence the College is trying its best to meet these challenges through the introduction of new courses, for development and empowerment of the student body.
As an appeal to all the stakeholders for their constant support and suggestions, to achieve success in the path of all our endeavours; I take this opportunity to assure the aspiring students, parents and all other stakeholders that the best possible resources of our institution will be put into action to mould the future of our learners. Education is the right of each and every child in the country and the College will always contribute to this growth of an educated Demographic Dividend by providing the necessary services to its optimum level.

Dr. Ramesh Nath (Principal)

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