Vision of the college is to spread and promote higher education for the sustainable development of the Nation.


To set high standard of excellence in the preservation and creation of knowledge through teaching-learning and experiment and to serve as an effective instrument in the path of education, progress and total awakening. Besides, we shall go always a little with “Better Every Day” sprit.

The college endeavour to achieve its vision by:
• The college tries to impart education of the higher-standard through value based and holistic approach and integrity of traditional and innovative practices.
• To create a platform for exploring creative potential and nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship and critical thinking.
• Try to inculcate a strong belief in hard work and motivating for gender equality, human rights and ecology in order to make the students socially responsible citizens.
• To achieve the potentiality for integration of multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach for fulfillment of Mission statement.


Confiding the relationships with an ethical reputation with the stakeholders viz., the students, faculty, employees, surrounding communities, business partners and other educational institutions.
• Being ceremonious, honest, sincere, fair & responsible.
• Acting responsibly with proper commitment and obligations.
• Truthfulness in academic discipline.

The institution tries to provide a safe and secure learning environment for personal and intellectual growth in an increasingly changing world.
• Fostering educational practices which support the learning styles of each unique human being equal.
• Upholding the vision and mission in where all are treated with equality, fairness, dignity and respect.

• We values high quality of education to meet the needs of our stakeholders through the best practices in teaching and learning and encouraging innovation and research among the graduate students.

Continuous Improvement:
• The institution believes in continuous improvement through proper assessment of the students learning outcomes, programme’s effectiveness through which the improvement parameters are designed.

Environmental Sustainability:
• It values the guidelines and practices to protect the environment for future generations.

• The institution provide curriculum that leads the students to acquire knowledge and requisite skills, career advancement, personal achievement, leadership building to serve the community.

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