ID Sl No Teacher Class Stream Title Subject Discussion Date Discussion Time Action
471AJANTA KHARGHARIATDC 1ST YEARARTSDevelopment of Education in IndiaEducation in British India - The Beginning2021-08-067:00 pm
1252AJANTA KHARGHARIATDC 1ST YEARARTSPrinciple of EducationDiscussion about Exam2021-08-113:30 pm
1353AJANTA KHARGHARIATDC 1ST YEARARTSPrinciple of EducationDiscussion about Exam2021-08-113:35 pm
3004TDC 2ND YEARARTSENG-HC-4026British Romantic Literature: The Lamb and other poems2021-08-173:00 am
3065DR. JONARAM NATH TDC 3RD YEARARTSMajor: 6.2 (গদ্য) শ্ৰীকৃষ্ণতত্ত্ব2021-08-176:45 pm
3406RAYHANUL AHMEDTDC 3RD YEARARTSIndian HistorySepoy Mutiny2021-08-188:00 pm
4377JHARNA MORANGTDC 3RD YEARARTS6.2Remedial class2021-08-249:09 am
5458UMME SALMATDC 1ST YEARARTSIntroductory macro economicsNational income accounting2021-09-037:15 pm
6959DHERAJ GHOSHTDC 1ST YEARBCAC progammingArray 2022-01-2211:00 am
70110ASHRAFUL ALAM CHOUDHURYTDC 3RD YEARARTSNorth East LiteraturePoetry (We Open the Gates)2022-06-217:30 pm
70511RUPALI TALUKDARTDC 1ST YEARARTSHC-2026Differential equation2022-06-287:00 pm
71112MAITREYEE DUTTATDC 1ST YEARARTSENG-HC-2026Introduction to Spenser's Amoretti2022-07-169:32 am